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JModelLegacy. Extends \JModel. Alias to JModel for forward compatability. Acts as a Factory class for application specific objects and provides many supporting API functions. addIncludePath. Add a directory where \JModelLegacy should search for models. You may either pass a string or an array of directories. addIncludePath(mixed $ path = '', string $prefix = ''): array. static. Class JModelLegacy. Base class for a Joomla Model. Acts as a Factory class for application specific objects and provides many supporting API functions. JObject: Extended by JModelLegacy.

JModelLegacy addIncludePath, administrator path not working after # Closed. LaurensGoedel opened this Issue on Jul 14, · 12 comments . Try this: JLoader::import('question', JPATH_ROOT.'/components/ com_idlmessaging/models'); $questionmodel = JModelLegacy::getInstance(' Question', 'IdlmessagingModel'); $questionid = '2'; //We used here '1' article id $ question= $questionmodel->getData($questionid);. 21 Jul In this blog we will learn about using a Joomla model outside the scope of a component. As you must be already knowing about JModelLegacy Class of Joomla which provides methods to get Model, but it has some limits as you cannot access all models using this JModelLegacy::getInstance().

\libraries\legacy\model\. Classes. It's also important to understand that these classes should be used (generally speaking) in connection with the corresponding controllers: JControllerLegacy, JControllerForm and JControllerAdmin. JModelLegacy - is the base class for the Joomla model ( model as in MVC). class JModelLegacy extends JObject {. // members; protected $__state_set;; protected $_db;; protected $name;; protected $option;; protected $state;; protected $event_clean_cache;. // Inherited members from JObject; protected $_ errors;. // methods; public static array addIncludePath(); public static void addTablePath(). 13 Oct Class, Description. class LanguagesModelStrings, Languages Strings Model. class LoginModelLogin, Login Model. class TemplatesModelTemplate. class MenusModelMenutypes, Menu Item Types Model for Menus. class InstallerModelInstall, Extension Manager Install Model. class FinderModelStatistics.


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