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Koe no Katachi (One Shot). By H a k u m e i - A n i m e - K o e n · Updated about 2 years ago. It's a One Shot manga created by Ooima Yoshitoki-sensei and later had a series because it's tooo damn good. Please read and share this 60+ paged one shot manga and you'll know the feels that I felt while reading this! <3. Koe No Katachi - A Silent Voice's photo. Mobile Uploads. 12 photos. 'Koe no Katachi finally has a new release date in the Philippines Koe no Katachi. '"Koe no Katachi live action " Photo sent by Jao Jao Frias Thanks. 'Special Book Official Cover'. 'Konnichi wa! How's everybody? '. 'Little Shouko and Nishimiya '. Koe no Katachi (One Shot) Part 1. Author. Rood (War on College with Okabe). Its a good manga to read. It was a one shot at first but they continued which is great :grinning: In addition there is a chance for an anime adaptation. Also. *I do not make or own this manga:3 * just making sure I make it clear (*3*). The author is.

8 Jan Looking for information on the manga Koe no Katachi? Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. A one-shot about a grade school class that tries its best to accept a girl with impaired hearing. Koe no Katachi 0: Koe no Katachi (one-shot) at 12 Sep Post with 23 votes and views. Shared by qwerty Koe no Katachi one shot.

Just wondering because I just read the One-Shot thinking it was the manga and I hope it doesn't ruin the enjoyment of the manga if I choose to. It says "you-me-friend" in JSL. The pronouns appear to be the same as ASL, ( finger pointing at the relevant person stands in for you/me/he/she/it) and clasped hands by context appears to mean friend. In ASL, it would be hooked index fingers & clasped hands means "to congratulate". I didn't see any other.


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