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Pixie returns to Wales and finds out that her hometown has been infiltrated by N' Garai demons; The X-Men arrive to assist and Pixie returns to the states with them once the demons have been defeated. Featured Characters: Pixie (Megan Gwynn). Back to title selection: Comics X: X-Men: Pixies & Demons Vol 1 See Also. 5 Nov In this issue, the young mutant Pixie tries to save her town from a mysterious evil. But when the baddies prove too tough for any one hero to handle, Pixie calls in a little help from her friends. Guest-starring Cyclops, Wolverine, Colossus and the.. .

Thor Ragnarok: Who Is Heimdall? Most issue credits. Joe Quesada 1 · Greg Land 1 · Justin Ponsor 1 · Jay Leisten 1 · Joe Caramagna 1 · Mike Carey 1 · Nick Lowe 1 · Will Panzo 1. Most issue appearances. Wolverine 1 · Emma Frost 1 · Cyclops 1 · Colossus 1 · Nightcrawler 1 · Beast 1 · Angel 1 · Kierrok 1 · Pixie 1 · Mrs. X-men Director's Cut #1 (Pixies and Demons) on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. page back issue comic. : X-Men: Pixies And Demons Directors Cut Group: Wolverine Poster by Greg Land 24 x 36in: Posters & Prints.

In the Free Comic Book Day X-Men one-shot story titled "Pixies and Demons," Pixie returns to her hometown after the X-Men disband following the conclusion of Messiah Complex. However, she finds the demonic N'Garai are plaguing the town and are kidnapping people to feed. [no title indexed] (Table of Contents: 1). X-Men / comic story / 22 pages (report information). Script: Mike Carey; Pencils: Greg Land; Inks: Jay Leisten; Colors: Justin Ponsor; Letters: Virtual Calligraphy; Joe Caramagna. Genre: superhero; Characters: X-Men [Cyclops; Emma Frost [White Queen]; Wolverine; Colossus;. X-Men has 3 ratings and 1 review. Matthew said: This is the first book I've ever read with Pixie, and its a great intro. Not enough done-in-one stories i.


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