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Sand river video

Nov 23, As the country's war-torn and unprepared infrastructure has struggled to cope with these extreme weather conditions, a truly bizarre video has emerged on the Internet. The footage, below, shows a river of ice water and hail stones flowing through the Arabian Desert in mid-November Nov 18, This viral footage of a flowing "river of sand" in Iraq is breathtaking, but its not really sand. Earlier this year, the region known for its dry climate was tormented by its second bout of ice storms, heavy rains and powerful winds. Iraqis reported seeing hailstones the size of golf balls raining down on the Middle. The video convinced us to believe that the sand river is something beyond science to understand. In fact, the truth is different. It is not a river of sand rather it is a hail river. It has happened before in other parts of the world. A video showing another hail river experience is included below. A detailed explanation for this.


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